The One Course

Welcome to The One Course

The One Course was originally designed to be a 7 day residential course taking place in Aveyron, South-West France.  It is unique in terms of content and integrates many different ideas and subjects.  Our aim is to encourage new ways of thinking and being in the world to help you to live with purpose and to love life.  Over time we have adapted the way in which we deliver the course so that we can reach people in a variety of situations and settings.  We would encourage you to get in touch whatever your financial situation as we do not want lack of finance to be a barrier to people taking part.  

We can deliver shorter tailor-made courses in both the UK and France so please contact us if you have a specific requirement and we will do our best to provide a lively, engaging and hopefully life-changing course!

"Love life

and live your purpose!"

We are not saying we have all the answers.  We are not ‘super beings’ who have everything completely sorted!  We do however feel happy in ourselves and with the lives we lead and we have learnt a few things along the way that we think may be of benefit to others.  We developed The One Course to encompass the ideas we have found helpful in our own lives and to enable us to share these with others.  We challenge some of society’s ideas and patterns of thinking and behaving, that may not be serving us.  We very much see our role as supporting you to find the answers that exist within yourself. 

Ann & Tom

Some of the Benefits of doing The One Course

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself.
  • Develop new skills and ways of looking at life that help you to feel good on the inside.
  • Love and accept yourself. 
  • Increase your enjoyment of life.
  • Develop a stronger connection with nature.
  • Contribute and participate more fully in life by bringing more of your qualities into the world.
  • Define your unique purpose and create a clear plan of actions to enable you to live it!

Is this the course for you?

You may benefit from this course if -

  • You feel 'there must be more to life' or 'something is missing.'
  • You are at a cross-roads in your life - Children leaving home, recent redundancy, not happy in your work, recently retired or due to retire amongst other things!
  • You feel you want to contribute to the wider world but are not sure how.
  • You want to get to know yourself better.

This course is not for you if -

  • You are in the middle of major emotional trauma - we are not qualified to give you the support you may need.  There are many places where you can find this, including, Relate, The Samaritans or your doctor - the support is there.
  • You feel like a bit of a holiday and a rest - the One Course is fun and engaging but not a holiday!