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The One Course - What is it all about?

The One Course is a culmination of the living experience of two 50+ year olds!  We are pretty ordinary people who are continuing to learn about life and living - and expect to continue to do so until the day we die!  We are ordinary and extra-ordinary at the same time - as are all of us.  We want to bring some of our extra-ordinary into the world and to help others to do the same. Our approach is broad and varied yet the ideas underpinning it are simple.   

We have been influenced and encouraged by many people along the way and some of these ideas are woven into the course.  Our approach however is unique.  Our backgrounds and who we are enable us to connect with a variety of people and ideas and we are not fixed in a particular discipline.  If we have an overarching principle it is that we are all One and that we are part of nature - hence the name of our course.  We also have a belief that it is possible to make changes in your life quickly if you choose to do so.  It may be possible to live a different life as a result of undertaking only One course and that is our aim.  We aim to provide the environment, support and time for you to find your own answers, to discover your own purpose and to love life.

The One Course provides a framework for your own ongoing development to enable you to confidently pursue your dreams. We show how creating a five year resolution can be fun as well as being transformational.

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Course Structure and Content

The course is practical and fun and is based on permaculture, science, neuroscience and psychology.  Here we give an overview of the original course designed to run over 5 days with each day consisting of four interactive sessions - two in the morning and two in the afternoon.  We can deliver the course in this way but we can also adapt it to suit the needs of individuals or groups.  If preferred we can focus on specific parts of the course and work with smaller or larger numbers if this is something that you want.  We believe that we can be very flexible and still provide a course of great benefit. Our aim is to reach people who feel that they would benefit from our approach, so if this is you please get in touch.  

Overview of the full course

The first two days are about leaving behind everyone else's baggage which we seem to have picked up by mistake on our journey through life!  We unintentionally absorb 95% of our current thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes from others and this can prevent us from becoming the unique and powerful individuals we really are!

Day One:  How we relate to ourselves


  • Understanding our relationship to fear, anger and guilt.
  • Looking at qualities we admire in others and bringing inspiration into our lives.
  • Developing positive attitudes and behaviours and accepting abundance.
  • Living in the present moment and expressing gratitude.

Day Two:  Interacting with others and the world

  • Understanding our power in the world.
  • Creativity in all its forms.
  • Communicating effectively, calmly and enthusiastically.
  • Learning from nature.

Day Three:  This is a reflective day with a different pace.  The emphasis is on creating space and time to think, to be calm, thoughtful, grateful and to fully embrace the present as something which helps us to feel alive.

Day Four and Five: 

You will create a powerful future vision and a plan which will utilise your unique skills to benefit yourself, those around you and the planet. 

Day Six:

The final day of your time with us can be spent as you wish.  You might like to continue to work on your plan, or just to relax and enjoy your surroundings.  There are also several small towns within a few kilometers  which are interesting and enjoyable to visit.  The nearest larger town is Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

We will be present for the full time of your stay and will support you during your time with us.  The atmosphere is intended to be positive - challenging at times - but always valuing you as a unique individual.  Each person brings different qualities to share and we view this as a great resource which has the potential to benefit us all.  This is a precious week of 'time out of time' and separate from your normal life so that you can focus on the part of you which you may not have listened to for quite a while.

Couples, individuals & visits

We live very simply in a small house in Aveyron.  We have only solar power for our electricty, no fridge or television, but we do have plenty of outdoor space, time, and basic accommodation for either an individual or couple who would like to visit us and learn more about our way of life.  We are prepared to charge very reasonable rates to anyone who would like a break away from 'normal' life and who would appreciate some time to think, feel and just 'be'.